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Sheila's Books


" My Baby’s Feet: Choice, Death, and the Aftermath."

“Excerpt from My Baby’s Feet”:
Fearfully and desperately wanting to hide my mistakes and enable me to deny the unwanted, but not totally unexpected ramifications of my earlier choices, I chose what seemed to be the easiest answer. I chose death, and then I moved into the aftermath of my choice. I , for a lifetime and beyond, will live in the aftermath of my choice. Although there is recovery, through forgiveness, there are lasting ramifications. No one told me that the ramifications of my choice would last forever. No one told me what my choice would do to my heart. No one told me that my choice was, in fact, a death sentence for my baby.

Through my story, I pray that you will know that a living choice is the only real choice. ... Come with me as I discover a new truth about an old choice.

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In My Baby’s Feet, Sheila Luck provides personal insight that reframes the debate between pro-life and pro-choice. She provides an intimate view of the heart of a woman that will make you stop and reconsider all you have believed regardless of your position. Her engaging writing style quickly strips away political rhetoric and gets to the heart of the issues. Sheila lifts back the curtain on living with the adverse consequences of her abortion offering a unique glimpse at the suffering that is seldom addressed. This book gives a new voice to the unspeakable losses of abortion that shatters the shrouds of silence surrounding this unique pain. It offers an honest look at her truth journey as she faced the realities of her decision. Her suffering of guilt, shame and grief became a springboard for understanding true forgiveness. Through her reflections and introspection, Sheila found peace and now offers it to others. This book is a must read for anyone faced with an untimely pregnancy, living in the aftermath of abortion or seeking a better understanding of the personal side of the abortion controversy. Jeannie Hannemann, M.A. – Elizabeth Ministry International Founder

Women who are unsure of their feelings on abortion, or who have experienced abortion, will benefit tremendously from this heartfelt story of the pain and longing which linger after an abortion and the path to forgiveness. Barbara L. Lyons, Executive Director, Wisconsin Right to Life

... this narrative provides a strong case for a woman to stop, think and pray about what an abortion really means, what it really is – and its aftermath. Mary C. Catterton, founder, Waters of Life Ministry for Women, Inc.

My Secret Loss: Finding Life after Abortion

A Bible Study bringing a message of love and forgiveness for women suffering emotional pain from an abortion, and for those who love them.

Price per book: $15.00 plus shipping. To order, please email Sheila Luck.

From My Secret Loss:

“"...Having had an abortion is often a woman's deepest secret. She may be afraid to tell her family, friends, or others that are close to her out of fear of retribution or condemnation. Meeting people with compassion for her and with an understanding of the circumstances surrounding her choice is rarely expected. As she hears and sees much of today's pro-life messages, she is confronted not only with the declaration that her choice was wrong, but that she is personally unacceptable, unforgivable, or unworthy. On occasion, there is the woman who finally confides in a trusted friend, only to be rebuked and shamed by that friend.."

Click here for more: I Ran And Hid

Endorsements for My Secret Loss:

“"My Secret Loss is a ministry must-personal, biblical, insightful, purposeful, helpful, truthful, useful and full of grace and truth for those struggling with such a loss".”-Laurie McIntyre, Pastor of Women2Day, Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, WI

" “Sheila has opened the pages of her heart to all women who need to know their story is able to be shared. In writing this workbook she has provided an opportunity for hurting women to find the source of all comfort, our Lord, Jesus Christ. May the participants experience the freedom of knowing reconciliation is possible and be aware of God's healing blessings." —-Jeannie Hannemann, M. A., Founder of Elizabeth Ministry International

"The depth of your pain is my pain ... I truly believe this Bible study needs to have a much greater audience." Debra Butler, BSN, MPA, PhD, co-owner of Pathways to Enrichment and author of "Season's of Grief, What Nature Can Teach Us About Loss"


Grapple with Guilt, Shed the Shame
A Bible Study showing the pervasive impact of guilt and shame, while leaving the reader with a sense of hope. At some point in our lives, we will all grapple with our guilt. At some point, many of us will want to shed our shame.”

Price per book: $15.00 plus shipping. To order, please email Sheila Luck.

From Grapple with Guilt:

Click here for a sample piece from the book: I Confess

Endorsements for Grapple with Guilt

"Grapple with Guilt, Shed the Shame -- a helpful tool to address a common yet complicated issue in a prayerful, biblical manner. The personal stories help the reader to understand how guilt and shame may be impacting his or her life while the discussion and homework facilitate the processing of related emotions." Victoria A. Gossens, LSCW, Appleton, WI

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"Guilt and Shame emanate from fear...of what others may think, of failure, of loss, of future emotional hurt or physical harm, and of simple embarrassment. We can hold so much guilt and shame that we can become immobilized. In this workbook, Sheila Luck provides an excellent group process for people to recognize and rid themselves of the guilt and shame that can trap any of us. I strongly recommend it!"-Dr. Thomas J. Wiltzius, PhD, LPC, Sr. Vice President, Right Management

"Satan's master plan of deception often uses false guilt and shame, tempting people to doubt the unconditional love of God's forgiveness. However, God uses genuine guilt to alert us to specific wrong actions. In my years of ministry, I have seen great emotional and spiritual struggle in people trying to discern the difference. This Bible study offers an opportunity to reflect on this challenge and discover the powerful grace of God."-Jeannie Hannemann, M. A., Founder of Elizabeth Ministry International


The Upside to Job Loss –-
Facing job loss can be a painful experience. Yet, it creates a unique opportunity to evaluate your past, question your present and dream of your future. It's an opportunity to make your work-life situation better, to discover the work-life path that God has planned for you.

In the words of the author, "Through this book, I pray that you will find courage and security by building a personal foundation of strength through Christ. This foundation will enable you to confront unwanted work-life change with courage and with a sense of excitement; discover and build upon your passions, strengths, and talents; and pursue with confidence and conviction the next step on the work-life path that God has planned for you. I pray that you will identify a positive, everlasting vision for your future, increase your sense of clarity about who you are, tune your ears to the direction that God is leading you, and take action, coupled with patience. Then you will know the upside to job loss."

Discover how to...

• Stop worrying about unemployment and build upon a strong foundation toward a positive work-life vision.
• See opportunity in your job loss.
• Successfully network to find a job you love.
• Find satisfaction and joy in any work-life situation.

upside to job loss, Sheile Luck

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The Upside to Job Loss Endorsements

As a Career Management Counselor I have been searching for this unique and inspirational resource for years. Sheila Luck shares her journey to find true career satisfaction and thoughtfully selects Biblical Scripture and principles to support her keen insights. “The Upside to Job Loss” is a must read for those looking to understand the direction and truth that God intends for them to identify and pursue a satisfying and rewarding career. Carl J. Wuornos MSEd., LPC Sr. Career Management Consultant, Right Management, Appleton WI

"With a caring, deep, prayerful, and biblical approach, Sheila Luck helps the reader move forward to a new place, a new call, or a new job. Useful suggestions at the end of each chapter and at the end of the book encourage personal application and group discussion." Mike Dismer, Lutheran Pastor and Camp Director

This is a must read for dislocated workers, or for that matter those going through a midlife crisis, simply looking for more self-awareness and peace. John J. Woest, MS, CRC, LPC, Vocational Consulting Services, LLC, Green Bay, WI
Inspirational, Positive and Practical. You’ll find your passion (Calling) in this book. Dan Dieck CEO Dieck Executive Search, Inc., Madison, WI

Sheila Luck has a style of writing that is creative and captivating while being informative. As a woman who recently lost my job of 8 years that I absolutely LOVED, I was looking for answers to help me figure out "what next". I am a woman with a heart for God and trusted that He has a plan for me but was still unsure and felt a little lost. Sheila Luck, through her book “The Upside to Job Loss,” not only reassured me that God, in fact, does have a plan for my job life but taught me how to listen for Him in my personal life as well. Sally Swanson, Waupaca, WI


The Challenge of Change: Careers, Callings and Work-Life Crossroads

A Bible Study designed to help the reader build a personal mission built on God's plan for his or her life, so that when faced with work-life changes (whether wanted or unwanted) the period of transition may be one of hope.

Price per book: $15.00 plus shipping. To order, please email Sheila Luck .

From The Challenge of Change:

"Whether work-life change is the result of job dissatisfaction, an involuntary layoff or termination, or a voluntary move, it includes a set of endings and a set of beginnings. We can face the endings with sadness, regret, anger, or disappointment; and we can face the beginnings with fear, worry or anxiety. Alternatively, we can accept the endings with peace and look forward to the beginnings with hope, viewing the entire change with a sense of joy and excitement."

Click here for more: Rejection Again

Challenge of change, sheila luck


Endorsements for The Challenge of Change

"The Challenge of Change is among the best career works I have ever read. It is sound from biblical, developmental psychology, and career theory standpoints. I would encourage the active use of Sheila Luck's career workbook by individuals working through a work-life transition, whether on their own, through a ministry service, or with a professional career counselor." Dr. Thomas J. Wiltzius, PhD, LPC, Sr. Vice President, Right Management

"The Challenge of Change is an important tool for individuals and churches helping people to see careers and callings the way God's Word looks at our work. I would use this material with 20-somethings to get started on the right foot, and with wanting, mid-career folks who have lost their careers or want a change ... This material is a good arrow to have in your quiver." Chuck Schwaninger, Church Relations, Campus Crusade for Christ Int.

"The Challenge of Change: Careers, Callings and Work-Life Crossroads, written by author Sheila Luck allows us to journey through the longings and difficulties of following our own dreams. Only through self inquiry, patience and listening for the next step can we begin to understand the true nature of a perfect Father. Her own story teaches us the human side of the travails of our struggle with 'thy will be done.' All our journeys lead to Truth." Debra Butler, BSN, MPA, PhD, co-owner of Pathways to Enrichment and author of "Season's of Grief, What Nature Can Teach Us About Loss"

"Thank you Sheila for providing a resource that promises to be of significant value to the Body of Christ. Our culture conditions us to habitually define ourselves by means of profession, performance and position -- all external measures of worth; while God weighs our value in a very different scale. The author asks those in the midst of identity-wrenching transition to peer into God's timeless Word for renewed self-definitions; wonderfully poses searching questions that invite the Spirit to open our hearts; alongside vignettes from her own poignant experience that let us know she has walked these paths before. Sheila resists the temptation to tell readers what they should be thinking, instead, allowing the Holy Spirit to bring customized insight to each individual as they walk through her study with Him." Jim Case, Compass Christian Coaching, Appleton WI (

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