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Christian Messages for Adults, Women's Groups,
Students, Teens and Retreats

Building on the messages in her books, her very personal, regrettable choices, and her vast employment experiences, Sheila offers a unique variety of presentations for your women's group, church group, or youth/college group.

Presentations can be tailored for your event ranging in length as short as seven minutes for use as a temple talk prior to or during a church service, to about 45 minutes, perfect for luncheons, coffees, classrooms, and evening events. Presentations can also be designed in a series of two or three 45 minute messages, ideal for retreats. Sheila's best topics for a series of presentations include forgiveness, living choices (a pro-life message), and work-life adventures (a variation of the Work-Life Adventures workshops).

Please call her to discuss your needs to determine if her message is a good fit for your event.

“Please enjoy this abridged version (selected segments from a 25 minute presentation) of a pro-life talk from Sheila M Luck at the Wisconsin Right to Life, March for Life, October 7, 2012. Sheila is a Christian author (“Like” her on Facebook at sheilamluck) and event speaker. She speaks for pro-life groups, church groups, youth groups, women’s retreats and more.”

In Her Words

After a long journey, I now know that through faith in Jesus Christ and in his death and resurrection on the cross, I am saved. It doesn't matter that I made regrettable choices along my life’s path. I know that God has forgiven me for my regrettable choices, and that He will forgive me for the mistakes of my future. Through Him, I am now on a positive, life-giving path.

I know that God loves me. I know that God loves each of us.God wants us to come to Him with our burdens of our past choices for healing. He wants us to come to Him with our feelings of shame. He wants to heal our hurting hearts and fill our lives with His love and hope.

God also wants us to seek Him as we make choices today. With God’s help, through his Word and through prayer, we can all make choices that honor and glorify Him. These are the choices that we will never regret, choices that will fill our hearts with love and our days with joy. He has a plan for our lives and He wants us to pursue that plan according to His will.

I pray that you find the love that you need, forgiveness for any past regrettable choices that you have made, and hope and direction for your many tomorrows to come.

Sample Messages for Youth, Teens and College Groups:

  • Roe vs. Wade: Is Abortion a Woman's Right or a Baby's Death Sentence?
  • Know Your Finish Line: A Personal Mission, Vision and Strategy from a God's Eye View
  • A Changed Heart: Norma McCorvey and the Abortion Debate
  • What Do I Want to Be? Who Do I Want to Be? Careers and Callings
  • Looking for Love Along an Independent Path: On Healthy Relationships

Sample Messages for Adults, Church/Women's Groups and Retreats:

  • The 6 "Rs" of Forgiveness -- A Pro-Life Message with a Focus on Forgiveness
  • My Baby's Feet: Living in the Aftermath -- Abortion is Not the Short Answer
  • Living in Perfect Freedom -- A Pro-Life Message with a Focus on Cultural Change
  • Grapple with Guilt, Shed the Shame -- A Message of Hope and Love for Those Living a Shame-Based Life
  • Hearing God's Call for Your Work-Life
  • Age 87 and No Regrets -- A Personal Mission, Vision and Strategy

What Others Have Said About the Messages:

When Sheila Luck speaks, her audience listens with rapt attention. Not only is her personal story riveting, but the manner in which she tells it ensures that no one will forget her experience. Sheila is a precious gift to women suffering from emotional pain from abortion. Barbara Lyons, Executive Director, Wisconsin Right to Life

The message given comes from the heart and reason. From start to finish, the students were engaged with the life story of Sheila Luck and the evolution of the abortion debate. She was open to conflicting ideas and challenged students to look at the world they are a part of. The presentation represented what politics should be about ... dialogue, logic, and respect. Joe Russom, Hortonville High School Teacher, Hortonville, WI

From start to finish, Sheila Luck engaged our women's group with her confidence, energy and compassion -- for her journey and ours. Mary Vandenberg, Appleton, WI

Sheila is the most powerful speaker we have ever had in our church. She is powerful because she has opened the secret compartments of her heart to God, and He has given her the courage to share what He has done with those compartments with others. Hope spills out of her and splashes onto her audience. She is a living example of what God can do with a yielded heart. Pastor Duane Matz, Living Word Lutheran Church, Menasha, WI

Sheila is a true, from-the-heart person ... a speaker who will touch your very soul! Sue Bogenschutz, Atlas Coffee Mill & Cafe, Appleton, WI

I've known Sheila quite a few years. I've talked with her many times & read her books so I thought I knew her story; however, that first time I heard her actually tell her story was captivating! I found myself wanting to ask questions & know even more details. Sheila presents in a way that makes an audience yearn for more. One can truly see and feel the passion Sheila displays in her topics. Her professionalism & speaking style are credible and first class! I'm so proud of her as a friend & supporter for the message she is sharing! Colleen Hansen, Friend.

We loved having you and your guests did too. We like that you have a set, focused testimony. Karen Axt, Special Events Coordinator, Wisconsin Right to Life